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X ^ Y
Bitwise operators
Value X: Integer
Value Y: Integer
Result: Integer
Version CANNY Lab
from 0.6b

Bitwise modulo 2. Set the output as a result of XOR operation , applied to each pair of bits that are in the same positions in the binary representation of the input values.

In other words, the resulting bit is equal to:

  • "1" if only one bit of a pair of input values are equal to "1";
  • "0" if both bits of a pair are equal to "0", or both bits of a pair are equal to "1"

For example:

Value X = 27 = 0x001B = 0b0000000000011011
Value Y = 58 = 0x003A = 0b0000000000111010
Result = 33 = 0x0021 = 0b0000000000100001


The result of 'Bitwise XOR' number with itself is always zero.

The result of 'Bitwise XOR' on any X with the same Y value twice is always equal to initial X value .


As decimal
As binary

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