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X & Y
Bitwise operators
Value X: Integer
Value Y: Integer
Result: Integer
Version CANNY Lab
from 0.6b

A function block used for bitwise logical multiplication (conjunction). Sets the output value to be the result of logical multiplication, that is applied to each pair of bits located at the same position in the binary representation of input values.

In other words, the resulting bit of the output value is equal to:

  • "1" if both respective bits of the input values are equal to "1";
  • "0" if at least one bit of the pair is "0".

For example:

Value X = 27 = 0x001B = 0b0000000000011011
Value Y = 58 = 0x003A = 0b0000000000111010
Result = 26 = 0x001A = 0b0000000000011010


Operation 'Bitwise AND' is used to mask — to select specific bits or fields from several bits of a binary number.


As decimal
As binary

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