Delayed turning OFF

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Timers and Generators
Input: Integer
Delay: Integer
Output: Integer
Version CANNY Lab
from 0.6b

After changing the input value to zero, within a predetermined time keeps the output value equal to last non-zero input value.

If holding the "input" value not equal to zero, copies it to the output. When changing the input values to zero, the output value does not change, and starts time countdown. By holding the input value to zero for a time more than a predetermined by input "Delay"in ms, sets output value to zero. When the input value changes to non-zero, the clock is reset.


When working with CANNY 7, it is a good practice to use the time intervals greater than 5-10 ms.

When specifying temporal values on the diagram, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the diagram execution cycle, which depends on the model of the controller, the size of the chart, controllers' operation mode, controller periphery. It may be varied from cycle to cycle within certain limits during operation. Exact execution time for each cycle is available in the register, during controller operation "Last Execution Loop Duration Register".

Time intervals in the diagram should not be specified by value less than the duration of one cycle and will be measured with an uncertainty about the duration of one cycle of a user diagram.



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