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CANNY's original documentation was written in Russian. You can find it here:

We are intensively translating the documentation into English. You may track the work progress as displayed on the page below.

For now and always we are keen to answer any of your questions here and here.

EN = Translated.

EN = Translated but need to check.

CANNY Lab Integrated Development Environment

Functional Block Diagrams

Constants and Registers   Logical operators   Bitwise operators
Relational operators   Arithmetic operations   Flip-flops / Latches
Timers and Generators   Counters and Edge Detectors   Converters
Switches   Decoration  

Automotive Programmable Logic Controller CANNY 7

Automotive Programmable Logic Controller CANNY 5.2 duo

CANNY CAN(LIN) monitor (ccm.exe)

CANNY 7 Demo Kit

Tips and Tricks